A friend has moved in with Beloved temporarily. The friend’s  house has become infested.  And no he isn’t referring for to the four sick children that are his own.  They too will need to be relocated for a while.  Because the house is infested with squirrels.

Now I’ve always joked about wanting a pet hippo, raccoon, monkey, alligator, sloth, owl and a bat.  Okay fine, you are right dear reader, this is just a tiny portion of my list.  But you get the picture. I’m not sure about if I ever really wanted a pet squirrel.

I’m all for having a nice comfortable nest, erm bed, and a warm safe place to call home.  I’m just not sure that I want a squirrel chewing up my furniture for a nest.  Running through my walls to create special squirrel highways.  Leaving squirrel poop here and there.

I can’t imagine having to remove most of my belongings to see if they can be saved or if they must be thrown out.  I can’t imagine the feeling of seeing people walking into my house in special coveralls and breathing equipment to clean up the mess.  The same house where I’ve been sweeping the floors and breathing the air without any specialized equipment.

And I can’t imagine how one little squirrel can create so many issues.  Of course the squirrel may doesn’t want to be lonely.  So the squirrel does what any other squirrel would do, he brings back his girlfriend, they have baby squirrels.  The house becomes the house for all the other nearby squirrels to hang out at.

And I can’t imagine having all these animals in my house without me knowing it.  That’s sort of creepy.  And after hearing about the issues our friend and his family will have to deal with, well maybe I won’t be so quick to get a wild animal for a pet.  Other than a sloth or a hippo! 😉


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