Blanketing Time To Stand Still

I was marvelling at a beautiful had stitched quilt today.  It was truly a work of art.  It reminded me of lovely stained glass windows with interact stitching and amazing color combinations.  It was truly a sight to behold, both in terms of the visual display and sewing skills.

I’ve always had a soft spot for quilts.  To me they speak of comfort and a sense of home.  And warmth and love.  I know that not all quilts are handmade, but to me, every stitch in a handmade quilt is a stitch of love.

So I stood there, recklessly eyeballing this amazing work of art and time stood still.  Well it didn’t really, but it seemed to stand still while I took in all the details.  I asked the staff in the store if the quilt I had seen in their display was for sale and was told that they would have to speak with the person who made it.  They took down my number so someone could get back to me.

A few hours later I learned that sadly the quilt was not for sale.  But I had been able to view this work of art for free.  And I had been able to let things slow down a little, and trick myself into thinking time stood still while I gazed upon it.  You can’t really out a price on either of those things.

Of course if I had purchased the quilt I could gaze upon it or snuggle under it whenever I wanted.  But it would be in its own small way he same as putting a beautiful bird in a cage and hiding it away from most people.  For a thug of beauty, for a piece of art perhaps it doesn’t belong to anyone while it is there to impact many people.  Perhaps it doesn’t even belong to the person who created it in the end.  Maybe it is meant to blanket all of us in its own way.  Each of us having our own Favorite part of this kaleidoscope.


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