The Lupus Murphy Recipe

Today was a day of cooking and trying different recipes.  Well it was supposed to be day of cooking and trying out new recipes.  It didn’t exactly go that way on account of Murphy.  Or rather Murphy’s Law to be exact.  Because that which has been planned and waited for must not happen exactly as anticipated.  There’d surely be no fun in that.

To be fair the only thing I can blame on Murphy is that the easiest, least energy-consuming recipe was the one I was willing to wait the longest to try.  The one I was most looking forward to trying required the most energy.  And today I lacked energy.

With the shift again in weather, as well as other factors my current lupus flare went from being a somewhat contained flare to a full on free-running wildfire.  And I knew it shortly after waking up.  Because I felt exhausted and filled with lead.  A shower results in needing to rest afterwards.

So I knew fairly early on that the fun day of cooking, well making a mess as I cooked, was simply out of the question.  The only thing I could make was that which I wasn’t as excited about.  But still it would be a way to salvage some of the day.

sometimes you have to do that with lupus.  You take what you are given and make of it what you can.  You remind yourself that there will be better days when you can do more and other days when you will feel like you do or worse.

But when you do have those days that aren’t exactly what you expected, you reach out to your support network.  You remind yourself that you aren’t facing this alone.  You know you are blessed and that your friends and loved ones are also feeling for you on your bad days.  So you smile and solider on, rest you need to and in my case realize if you can’t make the food on your own, you can share your recipes with others.  (The bonus here is if the recipe is a bit of a stinker, you don’t have to experience it! 😉)


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