Pillow Talk

Lets have some pillow talk.  No, not that kind of pillow talk.  I’m referring to your pillow preferences.  Pillows come in all degrees of firmness and a variety of shapes.  There are pillows for various body parts as well.  But that’s not really the pillow talk I’m looking for either.

You see friends I’m pretty attached to my pillow.  No it doesn’t go with me everywhere,  but I’m not a fan of sharing it either.  And yet some how that happened last night.  Without m consent or knowledge, well that is until I woke up.  And discovered another head.  On my pillow.  Sharing my pillow.  My pillow.

Some people don’t mind sharing their pillow when they are cuddling with their special person.  Unfortunately I’m not really a person willing to share my pillow.  And never with my four-footed companion.  I may let her rest on the bed, near my knees.  But that’s about it.

Needless to say I was shocked when I woke up to something touching me.  A part of me which was on my pillow and therefore meant that the something was also on my pillow.  Naturally I tentatively opened my eyes to confront this thing.  And discovered it was an ear.  My four-footed companion’s ear to be exact!

And evidently she rather enjoys the pillow.  The more pillow she gets the happier she is. That’s rather what I believe, based on her behavior when I tried to remove her doggie head of my people pillow.  You see she didn’t want to move and then when I got her moved off the pillow she used her ninja stealth to sneak back up and take over more pillow space.

I hope my new pillow is as good as my old one.  Because I don’t I will be getting my old one back.  The dog has turned it into her complete body pillow!


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