A Natural Growth Of Sorts or Guiding Name

I think my spiritual name or guiding name is she-who-waits-until-the-last-second-panics-like-crazy. My parents may have even known this before they gave me “every day” name. Perhaps they didn’t think it was fair to ask a young child to learn to print that all out, or maybe they realized that having a long name like that could create signature issues. Who knows.

Regardless of whether or not they bestowed me with the name, it is certainly an aspect of my life. When I was a child I always had a parent to ensure I did not leave things until the last hour let alone minute or second. There was to be calm and confidence that everything would be taken care of prior to the moment it was needed. I’m not sure if my parents were just that structured or decided they could not allow any more chaos into their lives than the stuff I brought with me on a daily basis.

It wasn’t until my teenage years when I gave in to my nature and left something until the last minute–making my bed. I know it’s odd, but I was preoccupied with something and left putting on clean sheets and tucking everything until I was getting ready to climb into unmade said bed. At which point for some unknown reason (probably that dreadful training my mother instilled in me to never sleep in a bed that wasn’t fully made) I made the bed completely, only to climb into it for the night. That was just the slippery slope.

University is where I mastered the leaving it until the last second technique. Handing in papers in with a second to spare before the deadline was common place for me. I took a weird sense of pride out of out waiting everyone else and still making the deadline. And it wasn’t just waiting to hand the paper in either. The paper was written very quickly and immediately handed in.
I figured by the time I was finished with school I would have outgrown this process.  Alas that hasn’t been the case.Which is why I spent the very moments hunting down my passport so I could get on a flight for a conference I am attending tomorrow. Yes I know, it’s almost irresponsible, but I swear if I plan things out far enough in advance and have checklists I will no doubt forget something. And it will be something important and something I need right away. So you see you cannot fight you nature and even if your name doesn’t actually represent your nature, people will still know. They will know from your actions and attitudes because those are things you cannot hide from the universe. Or you can blame having a fault guiding name.


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