Little Things That Are Bigger Than They Should Be

The experts tell us it is the little things in life. As in take pleasure in the little things in life. Don’t sweat the little stuff (stuff is a thing right?) and they follow that up with how everything is ultimately just the little stuff. So I guess that means we are supposed to enjoy and not stress too much when it comes to everything.

But then there are the other little things. You know like how one person never puts his/her dirty dishes in the dish washer. Or how a person is always five minutes late. Those are all the little things people do on a daily basis that other people have a dislike life. A lot of times the person with the dislike for the behavior or attitude won’t say anything because, well in the end, it’s just a little thing right? But little things all add up and soon you can have a huge mountain of little things that have lead to a giant mess of can’t handle/take it any longer stuff.

Not that I’m complaining about any of that because I’m not. Nope, the little things that I guess I should enjoy but really don’t is how my desk isn’t’ exactly even with the credenza. I know, first world, privileged, problems. Shut your mouth and move to the end of the line. I get that. And really I wouldn’t complain or dislike it so much other than that I keep smacking my elbow on the edge that sticks out.

I know some people will assure me that the pain I feel from smacking a funny bone (which is only ever funny when it happens to someone else) is not that big of deal. Not when you consider there are people missing elbows so they can’t hit them, or do many other things that require the use of the arm and the elbow. There are other people who can’t move their arms and would like to move them, even if it meant the occasional smack of the elbow. And then there are people who can move their arms, have an elbow, but just have no feeling. I’m sure they’d like to have the pain sensation to alert them to the fact there may be an injury or at the least a bruise.

This last smack of the elbow was a bit more than just a smack, I chipped away more bone. So I have a very sore, purple and swollen elbow. And yes I know it’s still just a little thing. But it wasn’t’ expected, and it has created inconvenience and since most things in my life aren’t super bad (lupus does have a lot special¬†moments however) I can fixate on this and make it a big thing or spend the same energy trying to find a way to avoid doing this in the future. Which I will move onto in a few moments. Like once the pain has settled enough and the movement is back more. Then I will work on the other part. Until that time, this little thing is a huge thing and it’s not funny. Only because it happened to me.


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