Meditating On…Chocolate

In my quest to find inner peace, or is that just balance in my life. Or maybe it’s calm. Or perhaps it’s because I was told I should meditate. Anyway let’s not get caught up in those details and get back to what matters. In this quest of mine, I’ve discovered there is some correlation to the space you meditate in and how well you can meditate. Unless you are really good a meditating. At that point you are probably sitting up on a remote mountain somewhere and meditate without any issue.

But I’m not a guru of sorts. I’m someone who meditates. I’m not even someone who meditates upon meditation. I’m someone who can’t get my mind to move into the space of meditation. I try. Heaven knows I try. But I fail. Every. Single. Time. My maximum record of not chasing my squirrel thoughts around wherever they will lead me while I’m trying to meditate is less than a minute but more than thirty seconds. This much I know because while finding a small moment of just being, the need to know how long I was successful popped into my head. And I just had to check the clock. Because you know, you need to know this kind of stuff.

Anyway, on this quest, I stumbled across some places that are designed to help you meditate. Some are natural, pastoral type settings. Think rolling hills, blue sky, warm sunshine. Think chirping birds, but softly chirping so as not to distract you. Think plush, comfortable, cushiony grass without biting or stinging insects.

Or places are based on the gentle, rhythmic noises of an ocean, sea or very large lake. Again, a gentle breeze, warmish weather. No unpleasantness and just soft bird songs to go along with the ripples of the water. The small waves coming in. The gentle sounds that come when nature is at her best without children or adults splashing about.

But a chocolate factory? Is that something you would have thought of? I have to admit it never would have crossed my mind. Factory equals loud to my logic. And chocolate, while chocolate must be savored and consumed. Impossible to meditate when this is going on. And yet there is a place that is offering to lead guided meditations at a chocolate factory. The logic is that everyone can find peace with chocolate. Everyone enjoys chocolate, well except those people who don’t and then why would they look at meditation in a chocolate factory?

Apparently after the chocolate lovers get over the initial giddy excitement of being in a chocolate factory (Willy Wonka anyone?) we shift into a place of calm and inner bliss. So why not surround people with something that will help them relax and then guide them off to meditation. Seems somewhat doable to this girl. Except I wonder if they give out chocolate samples for before meditation as well as after. I’m pretty certain I would need to sample some of the chocolate deliciousness before I could think I would not be thinking anymore. And after all that hard work of trying to just simply be surely I would deserve a reward. Why not the very thing that I have been near during the process chocolate?

Of course there are some of us who may not be able to meditate in this environment. But we might be able to do it if we end up in a chocolate consumption coma. At least that’s my plan B if the Plan A of trying to meditate while in a chocolate factory proves too hard for me. Hey a girl should always have options right? Oooh I wonder what types of chocolates I can have…


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