In All Our Weird Naked Glory

People do strange things. Weird things. It’s what makes the world go round. Besides one person’s weird is another person’s normal. One thing that may seem odd to you is perfectly logical to someone else.

But some people take things to a different level. Perhaps because they are more comfortable with themselves. Maybe they have learned that it’s better to not care what other people thing. That labels really are just that…labels and you make what you want out of them. Hey as long as it isn’t illegal, offensive or hurting someone, do your thing. Unless…

Unless you think it’s perfectly okay to stop by a perfect stranger’s house, pop in and say hello and maybe ask for a glass of water. You know just the thing that some people might do and not call weird. But how many of us would do it stark naked?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kind of girl who will walk across pavement barefoot any more. Or ever. Because it’s a bit painful. I can’t imagine walking around totally barefoot with my bits and bobs just out there for everyone to take a gander at. Sure some people are okay with that. And there are places where it’s totally acceptable, such as a nudist colony. But this didn’t happen in a nudist colony, it happened in a conservative, suburb of North America.

I kid you not, some man in the state of Oregon took the idea of freedom to a whole new level. Or maybe he was protesting designer cloths. All the startled homeowner could say was that the man had a huge grin on his face after he walked into her house and greeted her. Instead of asking for water he opted to try to hug her, but honestly at this point what’s the difference? I mean you are naked in a stranger’s house.

The homeowner naturally called the police and well the man wanted to be a little more free. So he made a run for it. He climbed a fence and then fell down a cliff. I’m not sure if the whole falling down the cliff thing was part of the plan because his foot got stuck in a tree and the police were able to catch him.

And this whole naked thing is apparently catchy because a homeowner in California was recently arrested for being naked. Now what you do in the confines of your own home is sort of your thing. But when you take certain things outside, well it becomes an issue, especially when other people can bear witness to your natural state. Sure the homeowner was watering his lawn and you know that helps keep up the property value, nice lawns and such. But in the nude? That may, or may not, bring down property value. The police don’t care. They came and had a small chat with the homeowner, asking him to please put on cloths and when he opted to remain free, he got himself in some trouble.

And you’d think this is sort of a close-to-home thing, but it isn’t. A man tried to car jack a FedEx truck while being free and out there (if you know what I mean). First problem was he couldn’t’ actually drive the truck. The second problem is people tend to remember seeing “the naked guy” and are far more likely to call “naked guy” concerns into local authorities.

All I ask folks is that you keep your clothes on when in public. If you are comfortable with yourself in all your naked glory more power to you. If you want to remove labels from your clothing go ahead. But please people, let’s not move from strange, odd or weird into flatout “what the heck was s/he thinking”. Because I can’t handle that.

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