Sinning Through Life

There is a fine line, according to some, that we must walk to avoid sin.  Of course according to various people different things are sins.  Certain actions can be considered a sin.  So can some ideas.  Words can be sinful, gender can be sinful and apparently so can my ankles.

Is sin then in the eye of the beholder?  And if it is, is it possible that we are all sinning while at the same time none of us is sinning?  And does it even matter, this concept of sin?

According to some, based on my gender I am the cause of sin.  Being that I’m supposedly the weaker sex and all.  Well that’s all right with me if you want to think that way.  But it don’t mean I think that way.  I’m still trying to figure out exactly how if a woman made a man sin she becomes the weaker one exactly.

Sure you can argue that the woman who tricked the man into sinning lacked the knowledge to do it on her own.  But we all lack knowledge at various points in our lives.  It’s what’s we do with the knowledge once we acquire it that is important.

Again this might be a sin on my part, given that I’m educated and spend my life within the realm of knowledge and all. And certainly an educated woman is sinful to some.  A waste of education and such to others.  But a woman who dares to lecture to males?  Surely a huge sin indeed.

So does sin simply mean a set of rules we follow to keep things and people in order?  To avoid chaos?  Does sin prevent us from enjoying greater rewards, or rather the potential for greater rewards?  Does it, in he end, matter?  I suspect this also depends upon what you believe.  And if you believe in the important  elf sin and the role it plays within your life.

I guess, based on an email I received, I will continue to sin my way through life.



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