Can’t Help But Be Nosy

I took my four-footed companion out with me today.  A small trip out to visit some folks in the countryside.  Nothing too exciting, but you wouldn’t know it from her behavior.  She ran from here to there and then over to this place and that place and back around again.  She’d take a small break and start all over again!

Of course I don’t have a memory like hers. I try to live in he moment, but I am not living one moment to the next exactly as she does.  And I do not have her incredible nose,  a nose that rarely if ever misses  the faintest smell of cheese in the air.  Or meat cooking.  Or new smells from animals, trucks, cars or bakeries.  Basically she lives through her tiny, incredible nose.

And that same, tiny little nose seems to have no issue in snuffling out tiny mushrooms still Underground.  Or a peanut dropped by a bird into heavy leaf litter.  Or a small crumb of toast dropped on the floor at one of the house while she is in the other end of the house.  Every single time she will target in on that one small crumb and zero her focus right to it.  She doesn’t weave from one room to another when seeking the crumb.  Nor does she struggle to find that dropped peanut or mushroom.

Perhaps if I had a nose like that I might be as excited about the outing.  I was pleased by the outing myself, but not run around from here to there and back again repeatedly.  Then again I wasn’t smelling what she smelled.  Then again, her nose may be small but it works like something much larger than it really is.  I guess she can’t help but be nosy with a nose like that!

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