Some people have people.  Some people know where their people come from.  Some people are just people persons.  For the record I do not have people.  I suspect I’m one of  my four-footed companions’ people.  I’m not 100% certain where my people came from, not the way some people can trace back generations upon generations upon generations and so on and so forth. I don’t  think I could ever say which land my parents ancestors claimed as theirs.

I’ve never felt a need to set down roots nor have I felt a need to trace my own.  It has never really mattered to me much.  I figure we live in the present where we currently happen to be and knowing our family histories doesn’t really play into that much. But for people knowing all of this is important.

I have no clue what I’d do if I had people.  I don’t really lead the lifestyle that would make hang people useful.  I’m not sure I’m the sort of person who could manage that kind of lifestyle if it were possible.   Come to think of it, I don’t think Beloved is really that sort of person either.

I’m not horrible with people, but I also don’t need to be surrounded by people.  I enjoy my own company and the silence of being with people who know me well enough to not need to say anything.  At the same time work, my work, involves people.  Dealing with people, talking to people, learning from people.

I suppose if I was one of my four-footed companions I’d be he kind who has people.  Who needs people.  You know to take me for walks, feed me.  Basically give into my every whim.  Then yes, I’d definitely be a people kind!  Because who doesn’t want that kind of spoiling now and then?

I guess that makes me a four-footed companion kind of person!


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