Rambling Rambles

I went for a ramble today.  A ramble in the woods.  To watch the fog slowly fade in the sunlight and see the water drip off the trees.  Mostly I went for a ramble to feel the stillness of it all.

What I discovered is that the fallen leaves can be hard to see in the fog, but easy to slip on.  I discovered that when the sun hits the fog a beautiful shimmer happens for a few moments.  I discovered the fog is lovely, damp and seems to wrap things up in a soft blanket.

I forgot the earthy smell of damp ground.  I forgot how the temperature seems colder just before the sun rises.  I forgot how each sunrise is different from every one that came before it.  Each special and promising in its own way.  I forgot how when you stop checking your watch you can lose track of time.

Instead you measure things in moments and scenes.  Such as the swans sleeping on the water slowly waking up together in a group.  Or the squirrels running playfully from one tree across the ground and up the next tree.  Or the small water animals rustling along the banks of the water as they get ready to start their day.

Sometimes you measure time by how wet the grass is as the fog burns away.  Other times you measure time based on the sudden need for coffee or food.  On a battery to you digital camera slowly weakening while you wait for the right shot.

And sometimes none of it matters as much as just getting out and getting lost.  Lost in nature and away from the hustle bustle of day-to-day activities.  So forgive me I ramble on about my rambling, but it was a peaceful, wonderful time.


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