Crafty Knots Are Not Me

I’ve never been the crafty sort.  I’ve had friends who craft masterpieces out of bits and pieces of odds and ends. But that’s not me.  Give me a pair of knitting needles and some wool and I can produce the most horrific results.  Split wool, loose ravels  and bent needles not to mention a million knots.

I’ve been slowly working on this thing called tatting.  It’s basically a whole bunch of elegant and complicated knots that end up looking like lace.  Since its knots it should be easy for me right?   I mean  everything I’ve tried has always ended up knotted.

But true to my lose relative, Murphy, the one time I should excel at this because it is knots, I find I am unable to make knots the way I should. Instead of elegant lace I end up with tangles of knots and clumps of thread.  Thank heavens I do not have to make my living at this.

A friend of mine, an analyst of sorts, assures me anyone can become crafty if she simply puts her mind to it.  She’s even working with me on creating crafts.  After a solid month of watching my attempts she has revised her way of thinking.  It is possible that some people just don’t have the mindset to work on these types of is.

She has concluded that my overactive mind, the never-ending of thinking and what ifs are what prevent me from doing craft work.  It is as if my mind is a string that is constantly unraveling itself as it finds something else to get tangled up in.  She has decided that my mind is so busy doing its own form of arts and crafts that my fingers can’t possible be expected to follow the dance involved with making knots, sewing or knitting.

She has suggested I work on slowing my mind down through mediation and such.  Of course she would hit on yet something else that gets me al tangled up in knots.  Apparently with mediation I try too hard.  With crafts I focus on the wrong things and lose my focus on what I should be doing.  So please tell me how mediation will let me be crafty and help me untangled my knotted thoughts.  Because I’m about out of thread and there are more loops to make.


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