Season For The Birds

Summer means enjoying the sunshine, taking advantage of good weather, sunshine and such.  Autumn means crunching in the leaves while a crisp breeze comes up to make your cheeks pink.  Spring means mud, buds and damp weather.  Notice I skipped past winter?

I like to skip past winter.  I’m just not a winter sort of person.  Sure the first little bit of snow can look nice, but after that?  It’s just cold, doom and gloom and not much else. I know some people find ice skating or snowshoeing as fun activities.  Then there is the thrill of downhill skiing and snow boarding.  And I guess there may be fun in building snow people, forts and such.  But I struggle to get behind these things.  Because cold and I are not friends.

Each Year I work on getting okay with the cold, the freezing, the snow and the sleet.  I try to find the beauty, the fun and the adventure in this season.  And a few weeks into the cold, the snow and the winds I fail.  I fail miserably.  Because I am reminded how far away spring and summer are.  How far in the back Autumn is.  I am reminded that I must work through the long dark night that is winter.

So until I have to face the cold, or the snow or the winds, I am going to enjoy the good weather while I can.  And maybe this year I will follow the birds away from winter, y must know something I don’t know.


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