We All Have The Look

A lot can be said without actually saying anything.  My mother used to widen her eyes just so, and that said enough about needing to stop what I was doing immediately or face dire consequences.  She never had to give voice to that, she simply gave me the look and I weighed out if it was worth it or not to face her anger.

I had a teacher when I was twelve or thirteen who just peered over her glasses a certain way and the whole classroom would fall silent and settle down to our assigned work.  I don’t think she ever nice told us to get to work.  She just gave us this look and we settled down.  Of course those who had come before us had warned us about her.  How many classes came before wh had passed the message down to the next without the teacher never having to say a word about expected behavior.

I suspect when I’m lecturing I may, at times, also have a specific look I share with my audience.  I know some of my co-workers have looks they use at times.  I’ve sat in their lectures and witnessed it myself.  And I’ve witnessed Beloved spear people with a look when he is annoyed with them and what they are saying.

Of course people aren’t the only ones to use looks as a way of expressing themselves. I’ve seen mama dogs give their puppies a particular look to get them to hush. And I’ve watched a cat give a certain, narrow eyed look at its  owner to get what it wanted.  And all the times I’ve been at the zoo, ive seen monkeys pass particular looks back and forth while they are sitting silent.

Sadly we do not have a certain look we can use across social media.  Given all the different people on social media, some of them, some times, need a look.  Just to settle them down or let them know this is unacceptable. Or maybe that’s just my way of thinking.


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