We Took The Long Way Home And It Was Great

Today we the long way home.  The way that had the most puddles and singing birds. After the rain.  We wouldn’t go out in a heavy rain, the dog doesn’t like it.  But after the rain she loves it.  All the new smells and stuff.

So we took the long way home.  To enjoy the smells of damp leaves warming in the sunshine.  We took the long way home to listen to the ran running in the gutters.  To watch the small birds drink out of the puddles and en try to chase the birds.

We took the long way home because there was a rainbow out and it was a beautiful time.  We could take the long way home because we weren’t in a hurry.  We had no particular place to go and went were we felt like going at the speed we wanted to go.

Pits nice, being able to take the long way home.  To not have to rush around so much which is what the world seems to be about these days.  Rushing here and there and a,ways heading to some place or some where that we need to be.  It’s nice to just slow down and do what we please.  It’s nice to settle down to what we want how we want and when we want.

There may be something more to this slow living besides not having to run everywhere.  There is a sense of getting back into something, touching something I haven’t touched since I was young.  Between the dog and the day of taking the long way home I felt a strange satisfaction.  A satisfaction of just letting things be as there would be without forcing things.

We took the long way home and when we got home there was a drink for me and a nice chew for the dog while we waited for our meal.  And we decided we would.d take the long way home more often.  We would follow the path we wanted no matter how far it took us from home.  And we’d take the long way home, scuffing in the leaves, rolling n the grass and marvelling at the clouds, rainbows and whatever we find.


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