Lupus Halloween Just Not Scary

Beloved normally enjoys Halloween.  He goes all out throwing up all sorts of decorations  both inside and outside the house.  This year he opted for something more low-key, no decorations, no huge display in the front of the house.  No costumes, just the requisite candy and candles.

He said he wasn’t feeling the spooky atmosphere this year.  He wanted a carved pumpkin or two, a Halloween themed meal and not much else.  So that was what he set out do and accomplished. Sort of.

You see the thing with Beloved is that he never does simple well.  He tries, but a simple, classically carved pumpkin is not within his grasp.  He carved one with intricate lace-like work.  The other was ghosts and witches carved into, but not fully through the flesh.

He saved the seeds to roast.  Most people would use simple sea salt, but not Beloved.  He created a spice mixture to use with his roasted seeds.  Because again, he is unable to do things simply.

As for me, I took the dog for a walk on Halloween and was repeatedly asked what she was supposed to be.  It appears dogs out for a walk are some what of an unusual sight come Halloween.  Other than that I did not bother with Halloween.  Mostly because lupus wanted to be an active participant in Halloween.  Which meant I had no energy or ability to do anything.  Other than rest and hope the pain went away.  It didn’t, but it did slow down once Halloween sort of passed me by.

Do you think between lupus and being another year older Beloved and I may in fact be growing past Halloween?  I certainly hope not because I enjoy the myths and stories of these traditions!


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