The Art Of Well-Rested Ones

Today I learned the art of chasing bunnies.  And squirrels.  As well as the ancient practice of leaping at birds and rolling around in crunchy leaves.  I mastered none of these, but I certainly enjoyed watching the serious need to enjoy every moment.

If course the four-footed one also tried to teach me eating on the run, but I just couldn’t  get into picking up disgusting, questionable items off the ground and chewing the, to see if they were worth swallowing or needed to be spat out.  My idea of eating on the run is more of the drive-thru or eating what I have while I am walking.  Provided its human food.  Unspoilt human food.  On account of the fact that I’m picky that way!

And when I suddenly felt I couldn’t go any further today, my four-footed one curled up against me, gently urging me home where she insisted we both rest.  She decided to flop down on my feet, knowing that I’d hate to disturb her if she was resting.  And if the feet don’t move, the person doesn’t move.  And if the person doesn’t move, the person can rest.  And hopefully once the person has rested enough from lupus, then the person will help chase bunnies instead of acting like an anchor.  And a well rested person might also understand the way the squirrels tease and realize it’s important to chase them too.

A rested person will probably jump with you when the birds come around and maybe, just maybe that person will also roll in the leaves with you.  And to be honest, it’s best if that person is never rested enough to join you on eating on the run!


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