She’s A Big Little One To Be Sure

There are amazing things to be found in hedges.  And bushes.  Don’t forget the fun of tall grasses, undergrowth and fallen leaves.  For all I know I felt that way when I was a kid, but I’m pretty sure my mother would never have let me have that kind of fun.

And apparently I’m not that far off from my mother in that I refuse to allow my four-footed companion to roll around or root around in any of that mess either.  Mostly because if she gets into that mess it means she’s going to be dirty and then I am going to have to deal with the mess.  And I do not want to deal with that!

At the same time I feel awful about denying her that fun.  But I rationalize it by saving her from another bath, which she dearly hates.  And if she hates something, the whole world will know about it. The world doesn’t need to suffer that level of hate from one small dog today. So you see, I have to do it to protect everyone!

And then to make it up to her, I let her run wild in the yard.  And the house.  And we hide toys and go looking for them.  Basically she runs free in the house or the yard and gets her energy out.  And I remind myself I’m saving the world from her anger.  Because for one little dog she sure can be angry and has a of ways of letting you know.

Then again for one little dog she sure has a lot of love to share no joy to bring to others too.  And the laughter she brings is amazing.  It’s near to impossible to not laugh at some of her antics, although she is trying so hard to be dignified and serious.  She just hasn’t mastered those yet!


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