Scented Of Sorts

I love the fresh scent of freshly cut lawns.  It seems that my four-footed companion feels the same.  Only she’s an all or nothing type of girl, so she decided to roll all over someone’s freshly cut lawn. She may have even taken on a slightly green appearance from rolling through that freshly shorn grass.

The thing is, I’m not such a fan of the freshly cut grass smell mixed in with doggie perfume.  The natural perfume the dog has.  Granted the dog also rolled in dirt and had gotten wet earlier n the day.  At any rate the fresh-cut smell of grass just doesn’t work for her.  Not as a refreshing smell.

At least she didn’t roll in garbage, or something dead.  Or get sprayed by a skunk.  And once she has a bath she will smell a little better.  A day at the spa would result in her getting some perfume or such sprayed on her.  Which she doesn’t need.  She’s a dog.  So she typically needs to smell, well, like dog.  Just not a dirty one!

And I’m okay with that. I mean she’s a dog.  I wasn’t expecting her to smell like candy or coffee,  nor do I expect her to smell like clean cotton.  These are all options if I take her to the spa.  As are fresh rain, lemon, or lavender.  Not sure how we came to the point of needing or pets to smell like scented candles or room spray.  I mean if it’s that hard for you, why have a dog?

Dogs will bring with them doggie smell and outdoors into your indoors.  It’s just a case of managing things.  Kind of like humans wearing deodorant.  To manage strong people smells!


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