Trip To The Vet And Lessns Of Lupus

We went to the vet today, just for a wee check-up.  Everything was fine, well once we got off the cold, metal table that is impossible to get a grip on.  Oh and basically we didn’t relax until we ran out if the exam room and into the waiting area where it was safe.

Once we were out in the open, where there were other puppies we were fine.  All tail wags and happy dances.  Of course she wasn’t the one who had to pay the bill!  Not that I’m complaining really.

By the time I got her in the car she had forgotten all about that strange and less than pleasant place.   I love that she lives in the moment and forgives me so easily.  I also love how she doesn’t know that some times going out to the waiting room doesn’t really mean tail wags.  I hope we never get to that point!

Next medical appointment I have, which is soon, I think once I get out of the exam room, I’m going to act like the waiting room is a safe place and nothing bad can happen.  I may even stick my fingers in my ears so I don’t hear about the next appointment being scheduled etc.  I shall refrain from wagging my tail, mostly because I don’t have a tail.  But maybe that way lupus will seem more manageable and less of a monster!

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