To Be Blessed In Dark Times

Blessings come in all forms.  Some are obvious, others are more hidden.  A dear friend of Beloved’s was recently told she was being let go from her job.  There simply was not enough to justify her position in this tight market.  She loved her job, just not her employer.

In the past 6 months her company had brought in SixSigma consultants who were asked to streamline th business and cut costs. The first changes brought in was the reduction of administrative staff.  Everyone was expected to pick up the slack with these positions being removed.  At no extra pay.  Oh and the extra time spent at work doing these things were to be considered voluntary.  Of course these were just the first cuts.  And the environment became negative and full of toxic behaviours.

letting her go got her out of the toxic environment much sooner than she otherwise would have been leaving the place.  Since she was let go Beloved noticed that she seems to be able to smile more, even though she is in between jobs.  Beloved also noticed her sense of Humor again.

She told him when it first happened she was somewhat devastated, but also felt a sense of lightness within herself.  Like she could just let go of a weight she had been carrying.  It helped, she told him, that she had money set aside just in case something like this happened.

It was then that Beloved told me he had been debating asking if we could find a way to help her out by letting her move into the house.  There is enough space to be sure.  It might be a bit weird though.  But before he got the chance to ask, she told him that she was taking a much deserved trip abroad.  To just think, recharge and move forward with her life as need be.

The real blessing in all of this is her attitude.  Hopefully I will be as blessed when more adversity comes my way.


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