What Did You Hear…Was It Out Of This World

Someone (I cannot for the life of me remember who, not that it matters) recently told me we had officially made contact with aliens. You know the kind that are not of this world? Think E.T calling home, or U.F.O.s no longer wanting to just be seen, but also heard. Yeah that kind of alien.

For proof this person pulled out an article from a reputable news source which didn’t come out and say that it was a sure thing, this contact with the aliens. Rather the article indicated that scientists were puzzling over an odd set of radio signals which had been detected. Further more these radio signals were detected be coming from outer space rather than echoes from our own world.

The article explained that radio signals were detected by a Russian telescope and are believed to come from a 6.3 billion year old star. This old star is some 94 odd light years away from us and having been travelling the universe that whole distance just to be picked up by the telescope. Clearly this was exciting and mind-blowing to the scientists.

Speculation runs from this advanced civilization trying to reach out and contact us to pass on wisdom or help all the way to being something less than peaceful. And buried deep within all this speculation and other mind-blowing mathematical equations was some interesting cautions from scientists. The biggest caution was that this may not be coming from aliens, but rather stellar flares that are messing with how the signal is interpreted. The same was said for it being a spy satellite. And sadly there was only this one catching, no other signals have come since. So the scientists say this looks less and less likely that the aliens want to communicate with us.

And yet there are many people who will see this as a sure sign of aliens existing. Of aliens communicating with us. Of higher or more advanced life forms being out there. Of a whole new set of monsters to worry about, the kind that don’t need to hide under your bed because it comes from outer space. We have probably always wondered if there was anything beyond us. The myths and folktales from various cultures and civilizations seem to point that this isn’t anything new. Just as this point that various events which happened in the past could be interpreted to fit a belief system. So if there are aliens out there, can this be send as an end-of-times scenario? The next age of enlightenment and evolution? Or just a case of the human imagination and soul seeking to know for certain it’s very place within the order of things?

The question that no one has been able to answer for me is if it is a case of aliens contacting us, how will anyone on earth be able to accurate communicate and interpret their message? Especially if the message remains in a radio signal with no visuals to provide context or gestures. Because that’s what I’ve always wanted to know. How will we know we get the message right if there is a message? And why do we assume anything wants to contact us


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