Karma Time or Good Things Too

Good things come to those who wait, or so I’ve heard. Karma tends to pay you back threefold is another one I’ve been told. Of course I have also been told that Karma tends to happen in ways you’d least expect it so how can you determine if something truly is Karma, coincidence or something else I am not sure.

A friend had sent off a large long email letting everyone know that both she and her husband had been recently downsized or removed after an organizational structure change at the company they’ve both worked at for over 15 years each. It wasn’t their favorite place to work, but the money was decent, the benefits were okay and they were looking to adopt so they didn’t want to make any “scary on paper” changes in their lives. And then the company decided to change their lives anyway. By no longer employing either one of them. They didn’t work in the same department, nor did they have the same skillset.

They were not expecting it, given that the company was making a profit and still hiring people. Given that both had received wonderful reviews from their bosses. Given that one of them had just landed a new client for the company. Given that they both worked at the one place. Given that their coworkers, bosses etc. knew they were looking to adopt a child. So many givens.

The restructuring notice cited a 25% drop in revenue from this time last year. Plus the need to balance the millennials with other workers. The notice told them they had exactly two weeks left in the office and would be paid for an additional two weeks after that. And then they would be on their own.

They were both devastated and couldn’t see how this could be a blessing in disguise. They had a mortgage to pay, food to buy, not to mention the other bills. And yet they discovered once they were free from the workplace they were happier. Felt lighter even. And they, like a few of the other employees who where laid off talked to a lawyer and discovered that things weren’t so bleak. There are rules and laws that dictate how much a person must be paid out, it is based on their number of years of service as well as their performance ratings.

Suddenly they were getting more money. And their former employee was going to see a huge hit to his drop in this year’s profit, just covering off the legal amount each of these employees are entitled to. So I guess that’s Karma. Just as the client recently landed heard about the lay-offs and insisted on working only with the person who had been laid off (my friend’s husband). So suddenly the former employer is out more money as a contract clearly indicated who was to be working the account and who was not.

And the good thing, besides the additional money. These laid off employees have found a place to start their own little company. They’ve started with the one large client and will grow things out. And maybe, just maybe the next good thing will be news that they were chosen for the adoption.


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