Heaven Is A…Bookstore

I spent the day in a bookstore, a very large bookstore.  A bookstore that carries all sorts of books from new releases to first editions of classics.  In other words, I basically spent the whole day in my idea of part of heaven.  😊

There is something magical about a bookstore.  Adventures waiting to happen.  A heavenly scent that can only come from books.  And the feel of a book in your hand!  The comfortable weight, the delicate whispery feel of the pages.  Oh my my!  Pure magic and joy!

its impossible fr me to be in a foul mood when I’m in a proper bookstore.  But I can’t say the same about going into a bookstore that sells more than books.  You know the kind, sells a few books, scented candles, pillows, throws and kitchen items just to name a few. Those stores sometimes put me in foul moods, simply because there are fewer books.  It’s almost disrespectful to the books that are in the store.

But today I spent all day in and among books upon books.  I read covers and flipped pages.  I recklessly eyeballed books and pictured them on my own shelves.  I debated which to buy and which to leave.  I caressed covers as I cradled soon-to-be-purchased books while I walked through the store looking for more.  Because you can never have too many books.

Books are dear and trusted friends.  They are confidants, travel partners and educators.  They are adventures and comfortable forms of relaxation.  They are portable and can go anywhere.  Ready and willing to share their contents when you are available for it.  And yes they can be used as weightlifting devices as well as cardio assistants, like when you carry huge piles of books out of the store!  Like I did today!

And after I had finished my purchases and carefully brought them home, I sorted them out.  Some are gifts and require wrapping, some are to be set aside for lectures and then some are just for there here and now.  My guilty pleasure…reading!


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