Not Exactly My Cuppa Smell

A friend and I decided to check out a tea shop, called The Tea Shoppe aptly enough.  It is supposed to be all sorts of herbal teas and various blends  of whites, and dark teas.  And not really as much my thing as hers.

The store recently opened and she was waiting to try it out until someone would go with her.  Evidently she had asked other people who had all declined.  Of course this wee fact she held onto until we were seated and waiting to be served our teas.  Basically she held it close to her until there really was no way out gracefully.

I had settled for a simple fruit tea, peach, as a safe bet.  I can’t even remember what she finally chose except it had flowers and what appeared to be twigs in it.  After going through the agonizing exercise of her choosing the teas we were invited to choose out tea cups.

Now prior to Beloved coming into my life I wasn’t too concerned about the type of receptical my tea was in.  Mostly because the only time I drank it was when I was sick.  And let’s face it when you are sick you just don’t care.  But Beloved taught me you need to have tea in a very thin and fine porcelain dainty cup when you have tea.  The whole little pinky our thing isn’t really required, in case you are wondering.

So then we had to choose our cups and saucers, which we took to the table with us to await our brewed tea.  Mine was about as expected, a safe and comfortable drink.  I have taken to consuming peach tea now and then.  My friend’s  tea smelled like a combination of mushrooms, wet grass and dirt with a hint of must.  How she’d ever managed to bring that mixture up to her face after she poured out the tea from her tiny teapot was beyond me.  But she did it and claimed it was delicious.

Normally I’m good for some adventure, but not with tea.  Not after Beloved insisted we try some oolong variation that neither us managed to enjoy.  To be honest, after the first sip we were done with it!

If you ask me how the outing went, the tea I had was okay, the company was great.  But her tea and the smell of some of the other teas were rather overwhelming in a less-than-pleasant manner.  Perhaps if we had consumed the stuff outdoors it might have been less aromatically assaulting to my nose.

She is already planning our next visit to try something more adventurous for herself!



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