Messages From The Universe or The Coffee Bean Knows All

Some times you can tell it’s just not going to be your day.  Maybe it’s how you get out of bed, perhaps it’s when you try to fix your hair and it just won’t listen to you.  Or maybe it’s your breakfast that lets you know things aren’t going to align in your favour.  Then again it might be your commute to work or work itself that lets you know.

The first sign things weren’t going to go in my favour was a dropped cup of coffee.  First thing in the morning.  Followed by the realization that the coffee managed to end up not just on the floor, but also all over me.  Pretty much, in my world, lost coffee is a sure sign from the universe that things aren’t going to be my way.

One cannot ignore these kinds of signs.  What one needs to do is find a way to manage to work with what the universe gives you.  Which in my case means getting another cup of coffee,changing my clothes (darker colors just in case it happens again), and lowering my hopes and/or expectations for that day.

Now some people will tell you if you change your attitude, you can change the balance of day to your favour.  But how, I ask you, can anyone change their attitude after the life-giving drink that we call coffee is wasted?  It isn’t a sacrifice, just a sad and tragic loss of the gifts from the gods of the coffee universe.

Some times you just have to roll with the punches and know that this isn’t your day.  Some times you need to adjust your expectations so your attitude isn’t so sour.  No one wants you to have an attitude as sour as spoiled milk that has been added to precious coffee.  Because that is too sour by far.


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