All Togetherly Unfathomable

You know those people who look like they’ve got everything together, they are comfortable with their lives and all that good stuff? I do not understand those people. I want to understand them, or at least understand how it is that they can exist in such a state. But if you were to ask me today, I’d have to confess I do not understand them nor can I fathom what their lives must be like.

I have enough of an issue just knowing what all I have in the way of stuff, never mind trying to get it all together. I can’t even imagine organized stuff. Or stuff that stays where you think it should be because you put it there every time.

And how on earth can these people be so comfortable with everything? How? What sort of magic potion have they taken that allows them to stay calm will things happen? Who are these people? Who do they know and how do I get in on this I wonder.

Maybe they are the few who have managed to be content with their lot in life. To turn what they have into what they need and what and live their passion freely. Perhaps there is something to be said about contentment. I’m sure I could get there…except well I have a desirous nature about me. I desire technology, which is forever changing and therefore I’m constantly lusting after the new piece of technology.

I have yet to find a place where I feel that I am comfortable with myself. There is always something that needs tweaking if I’m lucky or fixing (more often the case). I feel like I’m always needing to be better at something or further ahead than where I am. And I’m fully aware the only person I’m competing with is myself. I’m also aware that I should cut myself some slack, stop being so critical and a little more loving to myself.

Logically I know these things. Just as logically I know very few people are all that comfortable and have everything together. Some are better actors than others. Some are able to do amazing things at explaining why they have things the way they do. I get all of this. And still…some part of me, some little part of me that seems to speak the loudest at times, refuses to accept this. That part of me insists that I need to have everything all together. Unflappable and stiff upper lip so to speak. To just always be ready and prepare and viola life is great.

So I’m thinking I may evict that part of me. And if I can’t evict that part, a large and raging case of laryngitis may be in o


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