Paws-atively True

It would seem that the four-footed companion has figured out a way to outsmart us. First she learned the cupboard that holds her treats and food and then she learned how to open it. Okay she can only open it if it’s not fully in the catch, but still.

From there she learned how to take items out of storage bags (leaving the bags as sad reminders of what they once held) and eat the good stuff, leaving the bags and wrappers behind. Yep she only eats the food stuff, not the rest.

Yesterday she figured out how to pull out her food container and open it up. For the past few days she has managed to pull her food container out on her own, but not open it. Yesterday I discovered the floor had a texture I had never noticed before. A hard, painful texture. Of puppy kibble.

It appears since she set the kibble free those that were not consumed by her greedy self have gone off into hiding, reproducing at an astonishingly fast rate. Once they’ve had their offspring, the adults come out of hiding and don’t seem to mind being stepped on, kicked around, or eaten (by the dog).

And the dog has figured out how to get in the way of me closing the cupboard in it’s catch. She has mastered the art of running interference, as well as jumping in the way, making a mad dash past me and into the cupboard and heaven knows how many other tricks are up her fury legs.

Now I make no bones about it, the dog basically runs the house. She dictates when she eats because I’m trying to prevent the whole self-service style she has mastered so recently. She dictates when I get to explore nature as she will come to me with her leash demanding a walk or two. She also determines bedtime. Because if I’m not ready to go to bed when she is, she just keeps coming and trying to herd me off to bed. She won’t stop. And why should she? She has all day to catch up on her rest while I’m off doing things.

Is it just me or are dogs getting smarter?!


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