When Did Honesty, Ethics And Morals Become Elective

When isn’t it hard time for an honest man or woman when it comes to getting ahead in the economy.  Everywhere you look, every story you hear, it seems the honest person is not getting ahead the same as someone who lacks morals or ethics.  Well, just look at the American elections to see what I mean.  Sure sure someone you may point out that ethics and morals just   fit the same with politicians as the rest of us.

Maybe it’s about time we reconsider what’s important, what matters and let the little man step up and make the changes.  Could that be the way to a place of acceptance, morals and ethics?  Or would the power corrupt the little man as well?

A friend confided to me that she’s at a point where she’s all out of tolerance and patience when it comes to the American election.  She’s had enough of Trump not even attempting to be honest with how he flip-flops his answer.  She’s had enough of Hillary trying to come accross as moral and ethical, until someone points something out to her and then she conveniently  forgets it.

To my way of thinking, even after the election we will need patience and tolerance.  Just to get by.  And maybe somewhere we can find an honest man or woman to be the voice of those who’ve had their voices taken away.  Perhaps a little man, or woman, will be able to guide us back to ethics and morals and treating people as equals and human.  Or is that just wishful thinking by me?


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