A Pile Of Beans or How Your Roast It

I need to come clean about something, confession after all is good for the soul.  Or is it the mind?  Or the conscience?   Anyway I need to just throw this out there.  I’m not proud of this, but it’s been eating a hole in my gut.  I’ve been having an affair.

It started innocently enough.  Idle curiosity, which gave way to intense intrigue and desire to learn more about the object of my curiosity.  Soon we were having secret meetings, once a week.  How quickly it became three times a week and suddenly it was daily.  With Beloved’s encouragement at times I might add.

Coming home, coming back to my main coffee shop was startling to say the least.  What?  You thought I was seeing another person you say?  Oh no that’s not possible!  I’m fortunate enough to have Beloved in my life.  Not sure how many other humans could put up with me and all that I bring to a relationship.  To be honest I’m not sure how Beloved manages as well as he does.

So when I came home, a friend suggested coffee at our local coffee place it seemed odd.  Sort of like putting on a jacket that used to be your favourite, but you haven’t worn for a while.  As I waited for my coffee I wondered if the coffee could tell I had been drinking a different brand.  And each sip I took I was comparing my go to offer with the newly discovered favourite.  Both are delicious in their own ways.  And somehow I’ve come to the conclusion that while I’m here I will use my regular coffee haunt just like I used to do.  And when I’m at my second home I will carry on the passion with my newly found favourite!  Because sometimes you can have a relationship with two Favorites!


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