Don’t Cal Me, I Will Call You…Maybe

I love getting phone calls from my cell phone provider, where it takes a while for person calling me to get on the line.  And then they start the call off something like, I’m calling on behalf of whatever department and there is nothing wrong with your account, it’s all totally fine, and I’m just calling to make sure everything is okay for you.

Those calls, like all the other ones that begin with everything is fine, or there is no problem make me nervous. Why call me and tell me everything is fine?  Call me when there is a problem. Don’t get me all anxious and heart suddenly racing just to say everything is fine and do I have any issues.

I know it’s just a tactic to reach out to their customers and not unheard of when some issues have happened wi some accounts and not others.  And it’s probably silly to really dislike these calls as much as I do, but the way I see it is that I will call you if there is a problem.  Or I will have my people call your people in some cases.  But if you are providing me a service and you don’t hear from me, it means things are fine.

Okay so I don’t have people,  but I have had Beloved deal with things on my behalf when I feel unwell.  And chances are I don’t want to speak to an outsourced vendor company as much as I really want to speak to you.  But if you don’t hear from me it’s good.  Don’t call me, I will call you, if I have a problem.


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