Where Fairy Tales Meet Reality or My Take On Things

What if Jack wasn’t so quick or nimble and jumped into or even worse onto the candlestick? What would the results have been? At minimum a knocked over candle, perhaps some spilled wax. At worst a raging fire and potentially a badly burnt or killed Jack.

Who would be held accountable? Would there be a trial with the Queen of Hearts presiding as the judge and Captain Hook as the Prosecutor? Perhaps the dream team of defense lawyers would include Prince Charming, Jack Sprat, Toad and the Fairy God Mother. I mean why not?

No I haven’t lost my mind nor have I taken any type of medication (legal or otherwise). I am completely sober as I write this, although maybe there is a touch more caffeine in my blood than there should be. So what has brought this on you may ask? (Okay so that’s only happening if you are reading this and decided to stick around for the craziness that seems to happen in my brain around this time every day.)

A friend’s child had a wee accident at school yesterday. Nothing major, just some bruising and scraping to knees, which can be expected with young and active children after all, yet my friend was carrying on as though the child was seriously maimed. She wanted to know what happened exactly so as to ensure it didn’t happen again. But she didn’t like the answers provided to her.

It seems her son, we shall call him Jack, decided to jump (not over a candlestick) off a set of climbing bars during his lunch break at school. He told her he did it to prove to the other kids he could do it. Which makes sense when you are a child and someone double-dog dares you. He wasn’t fully aware of gravity apparently, nor that the landing would be, well, hard. It happens when you are a child.

The Queen of Hearts, in this case my friend, acted as judge and jury and decided the school was to blame for the mishap. Because after all, he is just a child and therefore cannot be held accountable for his action, even though he has been told repeatedly not to do things of this nature, by both the Queen of Hearts and the Wicked Witches (the teachers).

The Queen decided an “off with their heads” attitude was required to get the Wicked Witches to realize their negligence. And here in is where the Fairy God Mother stepped in and pointed out that the lunch break is unsupervised; it is expected that the children will use judgment and follow the rules because there is no adult to watch out for them. The Fairy God Mother even pointed to the policy that the Queen herself had signed off on acknowledging this very fact. The Queen claims to not remember the document, nor can she say for certain it is her signature (although it matches others she has claimed as her own).

The end result is that the Wicked Witches have been wrongfully assigned blame, Jack is not accountable for anything (even though he knows better) and the Queen is angry that Jack was injured and no one is getting fired (or losing their heads) over this. What is the right answer? Is the Queen too far down the rabbit hole? Are the Witches wrong? Is Jack innocent because he’s in that far away place called childhood? Or is there a middle ground that the Queen has not yet conquered? (I tend to think the Queen lost her head and became somewhat unstable because when it comes to Jack, in her eyes, he can never do any wrong. But that’s just my thoughts.)


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