What’s in Your Bag or Home Is What?

I threw some items into my carry-on bag just before getting ready to head off back home. Or at least to my other home. Or one of my many homes if you follow the saying home is where the heart is.

Beloved hates how I pack, but since we maintain more than one place (one on each side of the ocean) I never pack a ton of things to cart back and forth. It’s just easier to not have to carry along a lot of unnecessary luggage. Besides the climates in both places are very different.

Granted the people at the customs part of the airport never seem to appreciate my efficiency with my limited bags. As in how can a woman travel from one country to another with only her carry-on luggage? So I normally have to jump through special hoops (thankfully not flaming ones, although at times it feels that way) just to get through the nightmare that is security and customs and on my way to my house. Beloved will at least cart a laptop or tablet bag as well as his carry-on just to make things look a little better. But still this is frowned upon.

Apparently you cannot have more than one domicile or you must be up to something nefarious. I’m pretty sure both our pictures, names and all the other good stuff has been flagged a million times over because of our lack of need to bring luggage on our trips when going back and forth between the houses. (To be honest, Beloved only recently gave up on the whole bring a suitcase with clothing each time.) Who knew that officials, government officials at that, got to decide what is an is not acceptable when it comes to traveling between two houses in two different countries? Houses that each respective person owned prior to the relationship. Houses that each person had furnished and set up prior to the relationships.

Beloved has had people question his limited amount of clothing as well as his choice of clothing, or lack thereof when landing here. I’ve had the same thing, as well as long delays while all my documentation is reviewed eight ways to Sunday and then some just to ensure I’m not making up anything. And then of course there is the whole “how can you afford this?” or my favorite “why not just live in one place” type of conversations that the officials feel is within their rights to bring up with us.

And yet, despite the hassles, the complaints we both have, we are happy maintaining our two places. Happy because living together just doesn’t work the way we thought. We both need our own space, our own areas that allow us to simply be us. He cannot fathom only ever going back to his hometown for visits or holidays and I cannot fathom being asked to give up my own way of living to stay where he is. So we comprise and deal with nosy officials and odd comments by fellow passengers. Because it’s not what home is to them, but rather what home means to both of us.


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