Keeping The Good Man Down or Dogs And Quilts

I’m not sure exactly how this happened, or why, but apparently anything on the floor belongs to the four-footed whirlwind I’ve been assured is a dog.  I put down an old quilt for a friend’s children to sit on for their indoor picnic since the weather wasn’t cooperating.  Apparently neither was the dog. She decided the quilt was hers and the young children were supposed to be chased off of it.  This was before the kids even had their snack.

Beloved sort of laughed at this and said he was glad it wasn’t just a thing for his socks.  She has been helping pick up his socks, which some how always end up off his feet and onto the floor rather than in the basket.  So she grabs them off the floor and hides them.  I’m pretty sure it’s to save them from the disaster that would await them if they were left on the floor.

The children were at first amused by her pushing them around with her head, and pirate like noises.  But soon it wasn’t funny any more.  Because it was after all snack time.  So we rounded up the dog, placed her in her kennel so the children could have the snack.  The dog decided to entertain the children by flopping around and snorting within her kennel.  Apparently this was a huge hit with the children.  As was sitting on the floor and having a picnic without the ants and such.

And again, not being sure how this happened, but Beloved ended up n the picnic blanket with thirds.  I think it started with story time, but he too had a snack on the quilt, saying it was all rather nice for a change.  Until we let the dog out.

Because now there were children and a man on the floor.  All to be claimed as hers.  Which she promptly did by bouncing on Beloved and licking the children.  She then climbed onto the children and laid there, on top of them.  All eight pounds of her.  The children were delighted with this.  Until they wanted up and the dog didn’t want to let them up.  So Beloved acted as a distraction and stayed on the quilt while the children were picked up and sorted out for the ride home.

To be honest, the dog kept Beloved down for a period after that.  Until she fell asleep.  Then he had a chance to break away.  Well he had the chance once I woke him up.  Because apparently an eight pound dog sleeping on your chest is enough to put a grown man into nap mode!


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