All In The Leaves

Beloved believes tea can solve a million issues.  Not because the drink itself is magical, but because of the time it takes to prepare the drink and then enjoy it.  Given the time it takes, Beloved theorizes that cooler heads will prevail and problems can be solved.

Naturally when Beloved hit a problem of his own recently, he made copious amounts of tea.  How much he drank is another story, but I can assure you we had tea enough to float out a battleship. And I don’t even like the drink!  But after we were finished with the making of the tea, he seemed to sort out his problem.  So many he is right.  Sort of.  When it comes to tea.

Now if only tea could solve all the hard problems.  Maybe then we could find our way to a better, more peaceful world.  Or at least be on our way to world peace.  Or a calmer place at any rate.

Of course if we relied on tea for all of that we’d either have a tea shortage or the price of tea would rise astronomically  and put it out of reach for most people to simply enjoy a cup now and then.  So maybe tea isn’t the answer, but taking time and pausing probably is a good plan.  Just don’t tell Beloved I agree with him on this! 😉


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