I Don’t Wanna Come In

A friend phoned me to see if I was in North America or Europe because if I was in North America she wants to know if I needed a place to stay with hurricane Matthew bearing down on my usual haunts.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time I’d be in need of place to hide out from a hurricane if I were anywhere near Matthew’s path.  But I am in Europe and when I head back to North America I will be where hurricanes simply do not come.  Because its inland.

I appreciated her concern and offer.  And I know I’m blessed in that I have a network of people who can help me when in need.  People have provided me with hospitality so as not to hang out in a blizzard, run from tornadoes as well as getting in out of rain, hot weather or cold weather.  And I’ve been foolhardy enough to ride out hurricanes in the past.  Barely find cover before a tornado hit the area where I was.  And I have had the distinctly awful experience of driving through torrential ran and blizzards.

Beloved was listening to my side of the conversation and when it was over he shook his head and asked why on earth would I even need to find a place to stay.  He is of sound mind and would never ride out a storm.  If he was told they were considering an evacuation, he would be the first one leaving.  He also said it was a reason to stay in Europe permanently.  But that’s just not me.

I need the wildness of the storms and the freedoms and craziness of North America.  I need open spaces where everyone drives large vehicles and says whatever they think.  I also need the gentleness and old buildings, wonderful architecture and cultures of Europe.  I need it all, but not all at the same time.

Soon enough I will be back n North America,  enjoying the warm days and slightly cool nights as well as the bigger than life personalities.  And I hope I catch a few small storms here and there.  None that lead me seeking shelter among friends and loved ones.  Because I don’t want to come in just yet!


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