Drink more water they said. It will help they said. And so I did. Drink more water. I got a fancy water bottle to help me stay hydrated. I did infused water to make water more bearable since I’m not a fan of the stuff on it’s own. (I know that’s a bit weird right?)

They never told me how drinking more water would make me feel. They never told me just how intimate I would become with the bathroom. We are basically best friends forever (BFFs) now. I mean I see the bathroom more often than I see other parts of the house! But hey, it’s flushing (pun intended) badness out of the system and making things better.

Except better means feeling, well water logged. And well needing the bathroom nearby. And better seems to be about keeping track of the amount of water consumed, downed and I guess on some level, put back out again. And that’s not really how I thought life was.

Sure I knew water was good for me. I just didn’t like the taste of it. Sure I knew I needed more water, again it just isn’t the same magic that coffee is to me. Sure I anticipated some added trips to the washroom, but I swear no one spends as much time going back and forth to that room as I do. I guess it has allowed me to get more steps in each day!

And then, after I started drinking more water, they tell me to be careful to not drink too much of the stuff. After al we are like 80% water already and if you go above that threshold something bad happens. Like you grow scales and gills. Well actually not to joke too much because people have had their health compromised from too much water. Some folks have lost their lives from too much water.

So it leaves the question, how much water is more and how much water is too much? And how will I know? And really what is wrong with infused water?


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