A Ducky Situation Of Sorts

The four-footed one has taken to water much like a duck. Well a duck that doesn’t so much swim as just splash about. A duck that splashes in dirty water. The dirtier the better. She does however do the whole sticking your head under the water while wiggling your “tail feathers” all about above the surface! Only she is lacking tail feathers so she uses her whole butt to do the wiggle.

And yet this same, duck to water creature refuses baths with such vehemence and vigor it is a sight to behold. Granted the whole mess in the bathroom becomes a sight to behold and not in a good way, but that’s a whole other story. One that is told far too often to my bathroom walls unfortunately.

Beloved had taken her down to the beach to enjoy some of the water. Which would have probably been fine with her, except she found a relatively deep puddle near by that was simply more appealing to her. Beloved assumed, heaven knows why, that the puddle would be clean water from the ocean. He assumed wrong. It was umm basically a puddle waiting to dry just enough to become mud. Probably the thick and sticky kind of mud that seems to be available everywhere here these days.

He gave up trying to make her come out after he stepped in the muddy edges and got his shoes all dirty. He figured she’d get tired and come out on her on sooner rather than later since she would no doubt get cold. But when you are running and splashing and well just being a crazy four-footed companion cold doesn’t happen. And the more disgusting the water, the less likely it is that you’d feel the cold. In other words it was a good forty minutes before she decided she had had enough. And then another twenty minutes of trying to towel her off enough to go into the car.

Because I have lupus and am flaring, I was unable to bathe said companion. Nor was I able to clean up the mess after said companion was bathed. And after that, while Beloved was drenched and in need of a good cleaning too. So he had to take care of all of that while I rested. Okay so I laughed. And then when the dog was clean she came and snuggled up next to me for a nap. While he cleaned the bathroom and had a shower. Because sometimes you just can’t do things due to lupus, or sleeping dogs. And to be honest, although I’d never tell Beloved this to his face, even if I weren’t’ in a flare, I’d probably find some reason why I couldn’t clean up that mess. Because, well, eww.


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