Side Effects Are Affecting Me

I’ve been kneaded and squeezed. I’ve been pushed and pulled, stretched and repositioned until I no longer know what feels like pain or what feels like a side-effect of treatment for the pain.

It started, as it usually does, this time of year with pain and stiffness growing worse in my joints. It moved into something more like my joints getting too rusty to move. The rust gave way to concrete and well, that’s just not a good thing. Not under any circumstances.

So when my neck decided it would not turn, basically to turn it would be to break my head off, well I figured it was time to maybe do something about it. So I went to the doctor who scolded me for not doing something earlier when it would have been easier to fix. Which of course yes, I should have done, but I balance being unwell with trying to appear normal and not drain the doctor’s time. This in turn leads me to holding off on getting help until the issue has become rather significant.

The lovely doctor sent me immediately for some massage and stretches to help with alignment and basically get some of the stiffness out. Now I have a headache to go along with the whole not sure if I feel stretch out, have more range of motion or just feel like a lump of jelly. Quivering jelly really. From the treatments as well as from just not knowing.

Typically I might get kneaded and squeezed or pushed and pulled or stretched and repositioned in the same session, but never before have all of those things happened at once. Never before have I felt more like a piece of clay someone was shaping, but then gave up and walked away. Leaving me as still just a lump of more pliable clay than I was before they worked on me.

And to think all of these “side effects” are to help deal with the side effects of my mediation, my condition and so on. I’ve run out of sides for these effects to take place! Clearly I’m going to have to start passing my side effects on to friends and loved ones. Don’t worry, I will split it all up so no one person has to deal with headaches all the time while another person is dealing with joint stiffness. Nope I will mix it up and switch it around once and a while. After all why should I have all the fun! 🙂


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