Working Out With…Bugs?

Who knew chasing bugs could be so much fun?  Certainly not me.  And I don’t consider running from bugs, especially of the stinging type to be fun.  Funny as heck to watch someone else running and waving their arms about when you can’t see what they are so frightened from. But when you are the poor person running?  Not so much fun!

However if you happen to be my four-footed companion chasing bugs is an excellent pastime.  It ranks fit up there with chasing your tail! 😊  Since I lack a tail I have no clue how much fun it might be to chase around in a circle trying to catch it.  I’m thinking that might not be fun, but according to the four-footed one, this would not be the case!

And when we went to the park today?  Well there were beetles to chase, ants to follow and flies to run after.  She did this endlessly until it was time to go home.  She seemed exceedingly pleased with herself when she caught and ate a few ants.  And all in all I would say that she had a good time at he park. I know the small children watching her had fun judging by their giggles as they watched her basically go crazy.  Adults even laughed when she stood on her hind legs to go after some dragonflies.  She didn’t catch any of those,  it she delighted people with her antics.

She is now making smacking noises as she noise key sleeps at my feet.  Content, happy and resting.  As she builds up for her next outing.


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