What A Puppy Drinking Out Of Puddles Taught Me

I’m not sure how this works, but why is it that the stuff that’s really good for you just doesn’t seem as tasty as the stuff that isn’t as good for you?  Take water for example.  I know I’m supposed to drink more of the stuff.  The thing is, plain water doesn’t appeal to me.  But let it go through some heavenly coffee beans and come out as coffee and I’m all over that.  I will happily drink that stuff.

Of course water as coffee isn’t all that good for you.  So I’ve tried tea, but it isn’t exactly the same as coffee.  It’s basically boiling water poured over dried leaves.  Yummy, dried leaves and boiling water.  Maybe the issue is with the boiling water.  As least according to the four-footed bundle of fun it would appear to be the case.  if you let her, she will drink out of the puddles.  The best ones, at least based on her behavior, are full of dried leaves and less than clear water!

Since I’m not about to drink out of dirty puddles, I know, call me weird, I need to find another way to drink more water.  Enter infused water.  Water with cut bits of tasty fruit or veggies.  Slightly bruised berries and water.  Chopped mango, peaches and pineapple?  Yes please!  Watermelon and cucumber?  Sure.  Don’t forget a tasty mixture of citrus and water too.

So while I may not be drinking out of puddles, I did take a cue from the dog and found other ways to get the water tasty!


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