Back Holes And Puppy Dogs

There is a black hole in my house. I would have never found it if not for my four-footed companion who just happens to be fast enough to zip into that hole and come back out. Granted her fur may be a little more disheveled than usual, but I’m okay with that. She is not as okay with this because it results in an extra brushing for her. Which I guess she sees as punishment.

Here’s why I don’t mind. All those single socks that seem to go missing somehow in the dryer? She is finding them and brining them back to me. Granted the odds that I still have their mates are slim, but it’s the thought that counts. She has found a few long lost shirts as well. I don’t even know how they got lost, but she’s come back with them.

Her most recent find, the one that earned her an extra special treat was coming back with a favorite pair of my boots. A pair that I was certain I had lost during my many travels and moving around. So they came back, one at a time, with some teeth marks, but nothing too bad. I could wear them again. It’s just I’ve gotten so used to live without them, that I hardly remember what all I wore them with. So it’s kind of like getting free shoes that you enjoy, but weren’t expecting.

I wonder what else she will find in that black hole or tunnel to the great beyond. Maybe she will find lost money, hidden treasure or other fun things like that. At any rate, I may have to reconsider this whole extra brushing session if she views it as punishment because then the retrieving might just stop. And I’d hate for it to stop before I get back all the stuff I’ve lost or misplaced or what have you. And if she came back with a few extra things, like say a large sum of money, well I wouldn’t complain or punish her for that either.

In other news, I guess I actually do need to go through all the boxes and stuff stored in the back closet. The one that I always said I was going to sort out and never got around to doing and then just sort of forgot all about it. I’m pretty sure she’s eaten through a few of those boxes to find some of the stuff she’s brought back!


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