Oh, Surprise Me!

Life is always full of surprises. Some of them pleasant, some of them not so pleasant and some of them just surprises.  Depending upon the type of surprise as well as the type of person you are, it can be a simple process that is just life or it can be jolting.  Each and every time.

Friends of Beloved’s recently decided to throw him a surprise party as a means of celebrating with him.  The thing is, Beloved is at a point now where surprise parties are no longer his idea of fun.   Once he got over the whole surprise thing, he was able to celebrate and enjoy himself, but that wasn’t his initial response.

The four-footed bundle of energetic joy in our lives is constantly full of surprises.  She has brought in all sorts of surprises when she’s been outside, from shrivelled leaves to mushrooms she has unearthed.  She has surprised us by her ability to climb chairs as well as squeezing into impossibly tiny holes.  Of course she also surprises us every day with a new adventure, something funny and another way to show affection to us.

Id prefer for my life to be pleasant surprise only.  I don’t need to have the crystal ball forecasting ability for the surprises,  but I’d like to just know when the surprises happen they will be pleasant.  Granted life will become well perhaps less in some ways.  We need the balance of the unpleasant to savour the pleasant surprises.

So next time, when my four-footed companion comes home from a ramble with Beloved and she has a bit of bird, I will give that to someone else.  To share the surprise of course!


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