A Little Baty

There must be something that the bats know that we don’t know.  Apparently hanging upside down is good for our spines.  Or so say some experts.  Of course the problem with hanging upside down is that, well, we aren’t really designed for this.  Something to do about blood rushing or such.

it appears that my four-footed companion also believes that the bats know something we don’t know.  She likes to stand upright or her hind legs and then counters that by standing on her front legs, like a handstand.  To be honest it’s rather cute when she hangs upside down.  She has sort of bat like ears when she does it!

She also isn’t opposed to eating bugs.  Now she doesn’t  have radar to find said insects the way the bats do.  She stalks them and when they land, or take to flying very low, she pounces.  Most often she appears to be successful with her bug hunting.

Sure the bats won’t eat the flies she chases.  And I’m fairly certain that bats understand that to eat a wasp is to flirt with danger.  My four-footed companion hasn’t figured this aspect out just yet.  She ether is a slow learner or she likes to tempt danger.  I’m not sure!

And while she may not have wings, she can fly when she decides to run.

On second thought I’m not sure that bats and I really have a lot in common.


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