She Doesn’t Cotton To Them

My space has been overrun with cotton balls or cotton wool balls if you will. Large, fluffy cotton balls that drift about here and there seemingly with no rhyme nor reason other than the mood has struck them. They are not driven by current of air in my space. I’m not sure what is driving them, but their form of locomotion is the mundane form of four legs.

The balls of pure white cotton seem to have taken over the space, claiming every portion of it without regard to others in the area. I had always thought cotton balls would make nice companions, but evidently not these two.

Sure they look nice enough with all that fluffy soft fur, but do not underestimate the power behind the cotton ball. They purr to make you think they are all sweet an innocent while they plot your demise. Will it be with those incredible sharp teeth? A swipe of the cotton ball paw with the claws extended? Or will they smother you when you least expect it?

Okay so technically they are cats that are being looked after. But they look like cotton balls, with one smallish ball for the head of the cat and then a much larger one for the body. Four slightly stretched yet still rounded balls for the four legs and paws and then one extra-large cotton ball that has been stretch out to become a huge plume of a tail.

They settled in just fine, showed their typical disregard for anyone or anything and made their aloof selves at home in my space. They have made themselves at home on top of my items, leaving behind bits of their soft, cottony fur when they move on. I believe they are on a secret mission to spread as much of their cottony fur throughout the house as they can in the short period they are to be here.

Oh they were smug as they started to claim the keyboard and monitor as their places for lounging. They exuded confidence as they hopped onto low shelves and dared me to remove them. What they hadn’t counted on was another four footed being in the house in the form of an overly energetic and highly curious puppy.

She has chased them, barked at them and basically kept them confined to a small area. She has snapped her teeth when they have dared to reclaim the shelves. She has growled when they have moved back towards the keyboard and she has nipped when they deemed the monitor would fit both of them.

She is the ultimate means of controlling these two cotton balls. Hopefully she continues to maintain control…


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