Life With My Dog

I was certain we brought home a puppy.  You know, an infant dog?  I was certain that’s what we had.  But I’ve come to learn she is many other animals all disguised as a dog, err puppy I mean.

Not that I mind that she eats grass like a goat.  I just wish she ate it evenly.  Nor do I mind that she digs mushrooms out of the dirt.  I just wish she didn’t eat them as some of them are poisonous to her little being.  And I certainly don’t mind when she grunts and squeals with delight.  She also chirps when she is very excited.  She only barks out of necessity, such as let me out of the house.

No I mind not any of these things as they are simply a part of her and I am not ashamed to say I love her.  The good parts as well as the parts that fail to listen or follow the rules.

She has been a blessing to our lives.  She has brought joy, curiosity and Humor to lives that sometimes are a bit too serious.  Plus she forces us beyond ourselves.  She can’t help it, she is far too outgoing and doesn’t understand how we aren’t the same.

Of course she also doesn’t understand why we tell her not to eat bugs because that’s gross.  Nor is she impressed with Beloved’s leaping abilities.  Let’s just say she gets far more clearance than he does.


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