Opposites Cannot Understand

A close friend of mine mentioned her concern about winter quickly coming for a visit.  Like myself she isn’t a fan of winter.  Unlike me it throws her into a dark place, known as dispair and depression.  To combat this she has special lights to deal with the lack of sunlight during winter where she lives.  She is also provided medication if it is required.

Sh told me today that when winter comes she finds herself just going through the motions of living.  She finds her interest fades, her joy and sense of celebration evaporate and she becomes robotic, carrying out what she must in order to survive and not create issues with her husband.

Addng injury to insult, so to speak, her husband adores winter.  He loves snow piled up to his knees and a cold, bracing end.  He skates, skis, snowshoes and rides snow machines.  He loves the snow flying in his face and run coming home and having a warm drink.  He has been known to camp in winter.  In a tent of sorts.  With a sleeping bag.

He doesn’t understand how much my friend dislikes winter.  He “humours” her need for the special lights.  He tolerates her scheduling one short vacation each winter to someplace warm and tropical.  He considers her fears of winter, or rather the way winter impacts her, as being a little silly.  He has cajoled, and forced her to go out and try winter activities.  He doesn’t understand her lack of enjoyment.

How much of her concern and fears are based on not being understood?  How much are based on not being taken seriously?  I know for me those would be things I’d dread as well as the coming cod and snow.  But I also known finding things to be grateful for helps me through the season that I dislike the most.  Granted dislike winter is mild compared to what she goes through.


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