When Is Waiting Too Much

Waiting is not my strong suit.  It’s something, thankfully, I am provided repeated opportunities to work on getting better at doing.  However I suspect I am a very slow learner when it comes to this skill.

I was reminded again of how poor I am when it comes to practicing patience while I was waiting to be discharged from the hospital.  Oh how the first few minutes were filled with glee and giddy feelings at just being able to go home!  And there n started the problem.  Because then I focused on what I’d do when I got home, which reminded me that I wasn’t at home yet.  The more the time drew on the less graceful was my wait.  I almost got tired of waiting to be honest.

Or was it my impatience getting the best of me?  Is there even a difference between the two?  Does it even matter since I did get home, about two hours later.  I know that it hindsight that seems minor, but during those moments of waiting, it seemed like forever.

It did get me wondering about people who have to wait on someone else deciding that the person was ready to be set free, or at least some semblance of freedom.  I’m talking about people who are incarcerated with sentences that indicate they must serve a sentence between, say, five years to fifteen years.  So after five years the person may be out of the correctional institution, but not free.  What if after five years they decide nope you must wait a longer for another assessment to see if you are ready?  What if your sentence is longer and every two or three years you have to make an application for consideration for parole?

How do we expect those people to wait?  How does it impact their mental well-being?  Is it better for there to be a set sentence?



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