Focusing On Fortunes Blessing

Sometimes I forget how blessed I really am.  When Beloved had his health crisis all I could think of was how to get him well. I was also aware that the world seemed to be crashing down around me, but I had to focus on his getting better.

When we came out of that tunnel, I forgot how fortunate I was to have him with me.  I took his presence and his health for granted in some ways.  Perhaps it is because he was fortunate enough to get back into his old routine so things just slipped back to “normal”.

And as we moved further away from his health crisis, the easier it was to put the distance behind us and thus step away from being grateful for each moment I have with him. I do practice moments of gratitude, but not enough.  I’ve become completely aware of this now that we are far on the other side of things.

I am working on taking the steps back and pausing to consider what I have and what all I have been truly blessed with in my life. And you know what, sure we have the fear of a potential health crisis in his future, but it is just a small percentage potential, but ultimately I am truly blessed with what is in my life.


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